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 Parent Handbook

• Serving Families

• Guiding Children

• Striving To Provide Quality Care

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Parents may be asked to stay with their child on his/ her first day of care. Mornings are very busy; we will appreciate if after the first day parents leave the classroom as soon as possible.

  • Regular childcare begins at 7:00am; children are expected to be in their classroom by 8:30a.m.


 Registration  Checklist

Information we need in order to better care for your child, and emergency contacts. These forms are confidential and the contents will not be discussed with anyone but our staff.


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 Tuition Contract – One Contract Per Child

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 Medical Statement Of Child In Childcare


To Be Completed By Licensed Physician, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner

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Registration – Photo Release Form

When your child is enrolled in this program, he/she will be involved in many activities. Teachers take many photographs to document curriculum work and allow children to review their activity. Sometimes photographs are used for publicity in our own publications, or for display in our sites. If we are using photography of your child in our brochure; we will again ask you permission and will give you a copy of the brochure and the photograph. In addition photos taken at Young Achievers Academy Inc. may not be used on any Internet sites without the written permission of Parents /Guardians.

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Individual Health Plan Medical Forms

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Medical Form Over The Counter

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Written Medication Consent Form

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Verbal Medication Consent Form

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